About Us

Summit Education Society is a registered charity (registered charity number: 1112736). It helps children, youths and adults regardless of their origin, colour, religion and sex in order to fit into society. It is not a local base organization, but it is regional and national organisation. The charity uses medium of education as means of delivery of its help and materialize these help organizing educational activities some of these as follow:


·         Preparation classes for the SAT and the GCSE exams;

·         11+ courses, English, Math, Verbal and None-Verbal Reasoning;

·         Language teaching classes

·         Organising seminars

·         Diploma Course for Adults


Summit Education Society’s aims are educating society, helping people who are in need; lunching fundraise activities for natural disasters; encouraging dialogues among communities; promoting democratic values and pluralism in society; upholding human rights and universal civil ethical and moral codes; and persuade peace and peaceful living. Achieving these aims, the charity gives responsibility to those who are willing to volunteer who are from all ages. Summit Education Society organizes activities, providing place for other organizations, doing community base projects, interacting with councils and government officials if and when it is necessary; cooperating with organisation that has similar aims and objectives.